Chocolate Flower Cake – how to make a giant chocolate flower cake, using candy melts and everyday tools.

My obsession with chocolate flower continues! What could be better than a delicious and beautiful chocolate flower? A GIANT chocolate flower, of course!  Arranged on top of a cake to create a spring dessert pretty enough for any special occasion.  From Easter to Mother’s Day, birthdays to bridal showers, today’s cake is sure to impress.

These blossoming beauties are a fun and easy way to quickly dress up buttercream iced cakes.  Use a few simple ingredients, and tools you probably already have around the house, to create a stunning spring-inspired cake garden.  These techniques could just as easily be used to create smaller flowers for the tops of cupcakes.  Create your delicious buds with tempered white chocolate tinted with candy colouring or cocoa butter, or keep it simple and use candy melts — either works beautifully.


Buttercream iced cake
Small amount of extra buttercream
Chocolate or candy melts.
Small icing spatula
Piping bag
Parchment paper
Small bowls or round plastic containers
Black marker

Use a black marker to draw triangles on parchment paper in various sizes. These triangles will serve as a guide for creating your chocolate petals. For an 8-inch round cake, I used three sets of triangles, approximately 2, 3, and 4 inches long. For a 6-inch round cake, I made two sets of petals using the 2 and 3 inch triangles.  It’s easiest to work on petals individually, so cut the templates out leaving about a 1/2-inch space all around the outline…….