Today’s feature is one of those cakes that just makes you feel happy! And it’s easy to see why. Who can resist a charming horse wearing an adorable bandana? With a tousled mane and infectious smile, this little guy will steal your heart. He’s the star of this playful 1st birthday cake, created by Peggy Lee of Peggy Does Cake. Wooden fences encircle a field of sunflowers while ladybugs flutter about. Silver horseshoes, rope borders and a few red apples complete the delightful country scene. Oh and let’s not forget the contrasting cow print! Get ready to oohh and aahh over this Happy Horse Cake!
“Designing this simple little cake was actually quite tricky for me! I was given a list of ‘must haves’ and then granted the freedom to turn that list into any kind of cake I wanted for Riely’s first birthday party. I really had no clue what to do at first and considered just doing a single tiered cake at one point. I was just originally asked to create a cake with a western feel and to include a horse, a rope, a fence, a couple horseshoes, etc. I’ve done the cowboy thing for plenty of adults, but I’d never really thought about this theme specifically for a baby – and to make it more difficult, the cake was to be done in browns, but needed to be ‘bright and cheerful.’ That was the hardest part, for sure.”